Thursday, September 21, 2006

Want to build your own list? forget it...

Everyone and their dog knows that the "Money is in the List!!"

So What??

There is no way to build a list that you can call your own unless REAL people actually come to your website and opt-in to your email form.

But that's not all...

Even if you manage to get visitors to your site, most will NOT provide you with their regular email address. Instead, all you get is junk email id's that no one reads.

So, everyone now wants to know whether there is a "system" to build REAL members lists of people with REAL email address of people who are REALLY going to read your emails.

I found and highly recommend one such resource called "List-and-Profits".

Why do I recommend this?

Because it's from a renowned marketer and access to GOLD level private members area is FREE!!

It is one of the best list building and management resources available on the Net.

Go here and claim your GOLD membership for free:

Check out the LAP manual and don't forget to download all the bonuses and the free 'never-released-before' special reports too.

Read the manual and then come back here to post comments.

Let me know what you think.

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