Sunday, February 25, 2007

On-Line Profits Training - Learn How Online Profits Training Will Boost Your Cash Flow

QUESTION: What are Profits? Everybody knows what profit means, right?

Well so we think anyway, so let's begin with the definition of profit from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

- "Profit, from Latin meaning "to make progress", is defined in two different ways."

- "(Pure) economic profit is a positive return made on an investment by an individual or by business operations after all costs, including a normal return to

capital and returns to risk, are accounted for."

- "Accounting profit is the difference between retail sales price and the costs of manufacture.

Then there is other such other terms as net profit, gross profit, net profit after tax, operating profit, and on and on.

ANSWER: Profit simply is "to make progress", and most often is measured by monetary growth, sometimes called "the bottom line"

There are almost as many ways "to make progress" through online profits training as there are online business expenses, but primarily you must sell something of value that will build a profitable customer base for your business.

Online Profits Training - Here are the basic steps.

1) - Research - Determine your target market, and provide a product or service solution they want, and are already buying (Study & Find a Mentor)

2) - Advertise - Bring people into your marketing system on a regular consistent basis at a positive return on investment (Traffic Generation)

3) - Capture - Collect contact information about your visitors, Email and Name at the minimum (List Building)

4) - Educate - Follow-up with your prospective customers, and build a relationship of trust and respect (Automate Follow-up)

5) - Retail - Front-end a low cost item to your target market list to defray advertising expenses at least, but it is critical to exceed their expectations (Market Yourself - Sales Copy Writing)

6) - Upgrade - Backend retail sales increase in size over time by offering multiple buying opportunities to your existing customer base (Market Yourself - Sales Copywriting)

7) - Now Repeat -Steps 1 - 6 multiple times ( Online Profits Training progress to profits)

You will however soon come to realize that "building a relationship" will be the key element, because it is only after that relationship is established that you will begin to make progress and sell anything seriously for the first time.

The profit goal (to make progress) is to get to the seventh step, which is where the online profits training pays off with multiple online profit streams.

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Leo Hanes is an experienced full time internet marketer, who has written a number of articles on the topic of online profits training .

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