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Traffic Building - Site Promotion or Custom Lead Generation

What is the difference between Web Site Promotion and Custom Lead Generation?

Site Promotion: is an internet marketing term that refers to the activity of publicizing the vendor's web site to consumers.(i.e. advertising)

Lead Generation: is a marketing term that refers to the manufacture of connections between well-matched consumers and target corporate vendors.

Custom Lead Generation: is an internet marketing term that refers to producing specific types of visitors to your web site yourself from specific publicity about your web site offer.

In layman's terms that simply means communicating with, and attracting a qualified visitor to your web site, willing to provide you with their contact information, and have a need for your specific offer today, and are potentially going to purchase today, and again in the future.

What is a custom lead?

Somebody you have communicated with
Somebody attracted to your specific offer
Somebody willing to provide you their contact information
Somebody that wants your product, solution, or opportunity
Somebody that has bought your product, solution, opportunity or a competition's
Somebody that is capable of making purchases immediately, and in the future

Site promotion therefore is just telling everybody about your web site, hoping they will visit sometime (i.e. branding for example)

Custom lead generation is a very specific process that results first in the capture of a specifically defined somebody's contact information, and finally with multiple repeat sales transactions with them.

So if you intentionally will start off to generate custom leads instead of promoting your web site, your methods of advertising, communicating, requesting information, making your offer, asking for their order, and after sales communicating will all automatically change for the best for you.

Custom leads are generated for the sole purpose of creating profits online for your business, and one of the best methods of generating your own custom leads is through article marketing. You are writing articles to communicate with somebody that is already interested in your niche market that you publish the article in.

After reading your article, and if they like your style, and your offer they are very willing to give you their contact information when they get to your capture page on your web site. Since you are targeting somebody who has already demonstrated they are capable of buying, have bought similar items, or want your offer they will sign up, and buy in much higher numbers that visitors from site promotion.

For example: Somebody that is wearing tattered old shoes may very well need to buy new shoes, so you think they are a prime target for your exciting new shoe offer. The reality is the best custom lead is somebody who is already wearing shiny new shoes, with a few rather new looking shoes in their closet already.

The first person may need to buy your new shoes, but do not, they are obviously still wearing the tattered old ones you seen, waiting for that perfect pair to go on sale. (i.e. opportunity seekers)

The second person has already demonstrated that they are willing, are capable of buying, and want to buy new shoes. They will buy your new shoes if your shoe offer is communicated in a way that attracts them today, and they will buy again in the future - they are shoe buyers. ( i.e. entrepreneurs, investors, buyers)

The Difference is Custom Lead Generation Will Result in Creating Profits On-Line for You Faster than Site Promotion!

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Leo Hanes is an experienced full time internet marketer, who has written a number of articles on the principles of custom lead generation and creating profits online.

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