Saturday, August 18, 2007

How to Create Opt-in Email Lists from Your WebSite Traffic Fast

I get asked over and over again why it is necessary to have an opt-in email list to make money online? You probably have asked that question yourself.

After all, you really are just starting out, and you really need to get some sales quick, so you just grabbed a few affiliate products and started driving traffic to them as much as you could, right? How is that working for you?

Not so good, after all - having trouble getting stats, PPC traffic is too expensive for you, free traffic is not buying much if anything - so what do you do?

What are the problems of not having an opt-in list?

- Affiliate program owner gets all the names
- You have no easy way to follow up even if they share the buyers names with you
- Most ad visitors do not buy, at least on first visit
- Cannot generate enough traffic to make enough sales

So what do you do? Learn how to capture your visitors contact information the first time they visit.

1) Get an auto responder account - I use and recommend Aweber.
2) Create a squeeze page - sole purpose is to collect contact info
3) Create a series of valuable content emails for your email campaign
4) Add in affiliate products or your own products to your email campaign

Your sole purpose with this strategy is to collect contact information from your site visitors, build a trust relationship, and eventually profit from them at a greater rate than if you had sent them directly to your own sales or affiliate sales page directly.

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