Saturday, September 27, 2008

Discover How VOIP Can Help You Build Your List Faster

I have been using a computer based Voip system since 2002, with an online phone number in USA, its cheaper than an 800# for my USA customers, plus an ATA handset based Voip service from the incumbent cable operator here in the Netherlands since 2007.

I retired after 35 years in the telecom systems industry, but still remain an early adopter of technological changes.

As you are aware a successful online business is a global undertaking that can really benefit from unlimited long distance & international calling to help cut your operating expenses.

Being able to followup with prospects without busting your budget every month goes a long way towards building a relationship with your list.

As you also know there are many sources of voip service providers, so one should always do their own due diligence research...

Unlimited Long Distance Calls

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