Friday, February 06, 2009

"Almost Retirees" Become New Internet Marketers Thanks to The Full Time Buddy

Premature retirement is a fancy term for what happens when an employee becomes disabled in an accident, or from a disease, or is offered the option of retiring by the company management before attaining the retirement age with some type of compensation package.

I prefer the term "almost retiree" …..

Additionally, there are other terms bandied about like job loss, sacking, forced retirement, forced redundancies, outsourcing, and downsizing in the workplace.

There is a currently a world wide recession, the USA has a new president who is confronting some of the most significant financial problems any president has had to deal with, there is a lack of confidence in the international currency and stock market, and taxpayers are spending billions to try to recover what could be termed the mismanagement of many of the major financial institutions.

Two Definitions to Think About:

" A recession is when "your neighbor is out of a job "

"A depression when you are out of a job "

So whether you are experiencing a recession or a depression in your household, irregardless of what other term you might apply, you have either chosen or been forced to change how you earn a living recently.

I hear from people just like you everyday…"Can you make any extra money online or on the internet, or on the web, or some other similar term? ….but the other most asked question is always - how can you get help to earn some extra bucks online, or start an online business, when you don't know where to even start online?

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