Wednesday, November 08, 2006

ListLotto - Play to win at the Double Opt In

List Lotto -

If you know how important List Building is for your Business Online and you want a way to help you build your Internet Marketing list with ease, then ListLotto is the ticket...

Lets first look at what ListLotto is:

Its a Downline List Building web site that lets you email the list you build every 5 days.
There are many other sites like this on the market, such as ListDotCom and YourLuckyList and many others.

Each of these sites allow you to build a list, then mail out to that list every few days or so. The incentive is you can grow your list by sharing information about the main site, which in turn attracts new visitors and then means you build a list of your own.

Provided you build the relationship correctly with these people, you can then start to pull them across to your main sites and market to them from there.

In general, these downline list builders will also let you upgrade to a paid membership which gives you more access to mail more people on the site itself.

This is great in the early days of these sites launch as everyone reads the mail from them and you can get a great response.

Where ListLotto has set itself apart from the current trend of list building web sites, is it gives you the potential to email to the entire house list, no matter how big by winning the weekly free draw, hence the name List Lotto!

The cool part is, for every person you refer, you can gain a further entry into the weekly draw, thus making it Viral... Invite more people, the more chances you will have to win the weekly draw.

Now with the appeal this has, it means that thousands of people will be marketing this site with all the great tools included, even Blog Posts :)

The more people promoting, means the BIGGER the list will be on the site... Imagine for one moment the potenial to mail to hundreds, thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of people? Would'nt that be simply AWESOME...

Well now you can...

ListLotto is the ultimate list builder online and its free to get started... You could win the weekly draw and be sending your information to thousands of interested people.. now that sounds like a list I would want to send to..

To your success

Leo Hanes

My Immediate Access for Your List Lotto

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