Thursday, November 30, 2006

You just got 15 Calls from Potential Customers - What would you do?

Would those 15 calls help your network or online marketing business? I think so, don't you?

First things first:

A) Who is your target Market?

1) Business Builders

a) People who already buy or use your product or service, or one
just like it ( ie Network Marketers, or future existing customer base)

b) People looking to start a home based business (Biz opportunity

c) People actively seeking info about your specific
opportunity( looking for successful team, system, etc)

2) Product Customers

a) People who already are buying or using a related product or

b) People with a problem who are looking for a solution

c) People looking for your specific product by name

B) Bring People into Your Pipeline...Your Marketing System

Learn how to Build your core asset - Multiple Lists that includes all
that do NOT buy or sign up immediately... this is 90% of all 1st time
visits to your not waste these leads

a) Start to Advertise to one (1) of the target markets above,
first, then you can grow later ( Free or Paid)

b) Capture Name and Email of visitors to your ad. (Your Own
Capture Page is Mandatory)

c) Educate, and build a relationship (Need an Autoresponder to
automate , and send broadcast Emails)

d) Retail a product or service related to your target niche (Test
low cost items, info products to build trust)

e) Backend/MLM Promo (Upgrade size of sale, course, MLM product,
autoship etc)

f) Residual Income (This is the extra cash, your primary
business opportunity)

Helpful Hints:

  • Trying to email individually will bury you the more successful
    you get. Trying to start out recruiting to your MLM directly will
    likely frustrate you, and probably NOT be profitable for a long time

  • You will notice I never mentioned advertizing your business
    directly. This is all about marketing your core asset....YOU.

  • You will waste your time and money sending traffic directly to
  • your company provided website.......

  • You might get an accidental customer or request for info,
    but you have no idea who actually goes to the site, or how many,
    well you get the idea, right...

  • Think of your business as "YOU, Inc", with your MLM as just a
    single part of "YOU, Inc"

MYTH #1: You have to be a computer expert.

  • Not so, there are some basic skills but they are all learnable.
  • Can you type, and use a word editor?
  • If so, there are lots of free tools to get you started.
Just like you, when I started out 5 years ago trying to do exactly
what my MLM uplines taught me. I was a good student, calling my
warm market, making a list of everybody I know, pounding the phones
with lists, buying leads, geneaology lists, attending meetings, conventions,
etc etc.

But in my heart I knew I wanted to build my business on line with
todays technolgy, and most if not all, MLM companies do NOT
teach how to do that.

I hope this helps you in your thinking about your MLM ( Network

The name says it all.....

Its about "networking" and "marketing" YOU!

Let me know how I can help with any of the specifics, each step
is really pretty simple


Leo Hanes

4 Simple Steps To Build Your Own List of "Hungry" Subscribers
... Even If You Don't Have Your Own Product

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