Friday, November 16, 2007

You Must Have Traffic & Customers before Your Business Dies

For anyone new to online business, finding those website visitors, and customers can be extremely difficult .

Do you really want to spend hours upon hours of frustration caused by trying everything you can imagine to get traffic flowing into your site, because you are really not sure what you should be doing

Ross Goldberg's, Traffic Manifesto has been created to take away that needless research and trial and error. You have the opportunity to avoid the months that it took me to figure all of these methods out too.

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Don't be fooled! Not even Ross can give you every method of generating traffic.

The 50 tactics and methods included here all work, but only you can find that elusive group of potential customers that are hiding out in your niche.

Do your own research, look closely and carefully to uncover those groups and you will increase your income every time.

Finally, this is a book I keep on my desk to refer to constantly, when I am researching a new niche, testing conversions, trouble shooting a campaign, or just can't recall how I should be doing something today again.

I recommend you check it out today, before the price rises again.

Hope your business is going well

Leo Hanes

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