Wednesday, March 19, 2008

List Building - How Customer Lead Generation Will Create Profits On-Line

It has been said many times, there are only 3 core principles to creating profits online: Traffic Generating, List Building, and Sales Copy Writing.

Learning why those principles work will outperform everything else you ever learn about how all the techniques and fads 9 times out of 10. If you understand why a principle works you can then tailor your techniques to your business as you require at any time.

The underlying principles never change …they are the [why] of internet marketing!

- Why is somebody communicating with you, or reading your ad
- Why is somebody attracted to your specific offer
- Why is somebody willing to provide you their contact information
- Why is somebody wanting your product, solution, or opportunity
- Why is somebody that has bought similar offers from your competition important
- Why is somebody that is capable of making purchases in the future needed

If you can answer these questions you will generate your own customer leads, the how or the technique you use may change but you will create profits online simply as a result of customer lead generation.

Customer lead generation is a combination of all three core principles, no one principle will succeed by itself - Like a stool that stands on 3 legs, take away any one leg, it falls over.

So where do you start your customer lead generation?

Answer these next two questions for yourself!

1) Why are you in business?

2) What do you want from your business?

For me that answer finally became: Creating Profits On-Line is more important than making money online, there is a big difference.

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